Codename Enigma

Codename Enigma

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_PolyVirnl_ By _PolyVirnl_ Updated Apr 24

To others, Enigma is just that. An Enigma, an anomaly, an outlier with no background to speak of, someone who came up from the woodworks in silence, then took the country by storm. There is no readable pattern to his work, no logical explination for his appearances in places far and wide. 

Of vigilantes, Enigma is rapidly becoming the most well known in Japan- and the authorities are not pleased. Assigned to the case, Eraserhead finds no information on Enigma's quirk, or anything at all- not even if Enigma is a girl, boy, or something else. 

Cover by _PolyVirnl_, A3sc_Clover on AO3
Story Written by _PolyVirnl_, A3sc_Clover on AO3
Story Inspired by Regenerate Fate on AO3 by JelloFello

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