Because the Night

Because the Night

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Lily graduates from college and her life falls apart - or at least that's how it feels. 

Within a day, Lily a) leaves the comfort of campus with a degree that doesn't guarantee her a job, b) breaks up with her boyfriend, Colin and c) moves back home for the foreseeable future. 

She's in a dead end. She's in a rut. She's not in any position to meet Diego in at the Highland Mountain House during a week-long tango vacation with her mom, but that said, when is anyone really ready to meet the love of their lives? 

Especially if the love of their lives isn't anything like what they'd expected? Not the strait-laced, bank-bound Colin but Diego, who lives at his family's hotel and teaches dance? Who's older and has a beard and a whole lot of baggage? 

But in this hour, Lily doesn't know about any of this happening yet. She's just getting in the car that will lead her to her future. Let's follow along.