Yukio x Rin

Yukio x Rin

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Yukio woke up first as always, getting ready quickly seeing the time and sighed as he walked to his brothers side of the room to wake him up for school day. "Rin wake up. You're going to miss your school ceremony!" sated Yukio in a rush.

"Ugh...I don't wanna go..."  mumbled Rin.

Yukio sighed as he got down to his brothers ear and yelled loudly, "RIN!"

"Fine I'll get ready..." Rin grumbled as he got up and started changing for the school day. 

Yukio walked downstairs to eat his breakfast as Rin on the other hand, changed but he fell asleep on the floor.

Yukio hears a big bang upstairs as he sighs and walks upstairs to check on it. He walks in to see what it was. "Rin are you fine?" Yukio asked a little concerned.

"Y-yeah" stated Rin as he got up and walked downstairs.

"Rin" said Yukio as he sighed and grabbed Rin's hand and tried to run to school to get there on time.

"Shut up four eyes!" Rin practically growled out in annoyance.

"Fine" Yukio said while tr...

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fanfic4life_33 fanfic4life_33 Jul 04, 2017
Well Rin is a demon and Yukio isn't and so people started to not like Rin for being a demon plus they go to an excorcist school so yeah
nekojean nekojean Jun 25, 2017
Yukio: Rin are you fine?
                              Rin: no I'm dying.
                              Yukio: oh ok *leaves*
YaoiLifeStyle YaoiLifeStyle May 03, 2017
That awkward moment when you hear the universe being created
shmoomoo2004 shmoomoo2004 Oct 03, 2017
Rin: ye im fine
                               Yukio: wtf are u in the floor
                              Rin: cuz idgaf
Christen_Session Christen_Session May 21, 2017
Yukio:rin are you fine
                              Rin:no I'm fabulous "flips short hair"
Luckloveme Luckloveme Apr 14, 2017
Rin: yes I princess Fine kiss me Shade~sama
                              Yukio : Rin W.T.H.