Percy And Annabeth: A New Beginning (Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction)

Percy And Annabeth: A New Beginning (Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction)

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Ashley By thaliagracetree Updated Jul 29, 2016

*Sequel to Percy and Annabeth After It All*

"See you later.."  You would expect to see each other the next day or week. But no, almost five years later and no seeing each other. You might hear some rumors and whispers from people around you on how the other is doing. But not from them themselves. 

Annabeth Jackson, well now Chase. Moved across the US to be near her father and step-mom. She keeps her head low and not known. Raising young Alexander on her own wasn't easy. Him now five, is asking about his father and his mothers bracelet. The bracelet holds three pictures. One of a handsome man with sea-green eyes and jet black hair, one of a little girl with blonde hair and sea-green eyes, and a little boy with blonde hair and sea-greens. She doesn't tell and tells him when he is twelve he will know.

Percy Jackson: Lives in the same house. Keeps the guestroom locked and off limits. Raising twins on his own. He told them about his necklace with the beads, two of the beads have a picture on them. One of a stunning blonde woman with piercing grey eyes and one of a baby boy with brown hair and grey eyes.

Why did they have to be apart, why do they have to cease contact. All those questions, and one simple answer.

Jules2205 Jules2205 May 07
This series is sooo good!!! It is one of the best percabeth fanfics I have read!!!!!!!!!!
seagal10123 seagal10123 Feb 02
Annabeth and Percy are going to be together forever no matter what you say
spnhayniac21 spnhayniac21 Sep 12, 2015
ciella-phantomhive ciella-phantomhive Jun 30, 2014
Is It Because Of Gaea, Kronos, Luke?! I Bet It's All Of Them Or A Prophecy.
ciella-phantomhive ciella-phantomhive Jun 30, 2014
This Is Really Irrelevant, But Sometimes I Think Annabeth Would Make A Great Girls Generation Member :)
divergent_star divergent_star Jun 30, 2014
I love this story so far! Keep the great work up and please update