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"She's dead now, and there's nothing we can do about it."

	Kasia Andrews expects very little on a Monday morning. Until, whilst locked in the PE store cupboard, accompanied with basket balls, netballs, soccer balls and the guy that she doesn't really know anymore, Charlie Allen, they both uncover the diary of the recently deceased Devin Hill.

© 2014 imogen timby.

perihelions perihelions May 05, 2018
That's even scarier, she might haunt your dreams for the test of your lives
aesthetic_adjective aesthetic_adjective May 19, 2017
Well, that makes sense. I would've wanted that as well if I were in her shoes but I don't keep a journal,not anymore.
savingnatalie savingnatalie Oct 27, 2016
omg I saw this book but never saved it. but it came back to me!!
villianous villianous Jun 13, 2016
ooooo nice writing!! also, i love murder mysteries so what a bonus
contaminate contaminate Jul 31, 2014
imogen, i was in DESPERATE need of a good book to get my blood pumping and mind racing and breath blowing (lmao) AND THIS IS THE BOOK OKAY I CAN FEEL IT. your mind is one i envy, this plot and excerpt being a fantastic reason why. x
LukeLove- LukeLove- Jul 04, 2014
i wouldn't read it, it would make me feel like i was going to throw up. 
                              but i would probs end up doing it anyway cx