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// It's just you and I tonight // (A Matty Healy Fanfiction)

// It's just you and I tonight // (A Matty Healy Fanfiction)

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// "I love this book so much! You are REALLY talented!", "Can't wait for the new update, already excited!", "Amazing! Omg please update!" // (quotes by - lauralisbon12, mattyhealysleftkneen and twilightissocool11) //

// Thank you so much for all your praise on this! // 

I see it. That familiar sight I see every summer, the Manor. 
Set on huge grounds it stands red bricked and grand, silhouetted against the blue sky above. To my left I can see the lake sparkling in the sunshine and the lush green woods beyond that. But the beauty isn't why I come here. I come here for the boys. Every summer a new group of people become my best friends for 2 weeks and every year one of those people becomes my boyfriend for the holiday. This has happened for the last 3 years since I was 13 and every year it's more serious, more rebellious and more fun. Who knows what this year holds...

// This story will contain mild sex and drug use //

LaughingLuciferHemmo LaughingLuciferHemmo Mar 12, 2016
everyone is like ROBBERS and i'm sobbing like my smol child is so cute and lame I love him
Lovinarts49 Lovinarts49 Nov 02, 2016
Thanks wanna take yours off?
                              That was so smooth of me wow.
Lovinarts49 Lovinarts49 Nov 01, 2016
@xblackkatx hey this reminds me of you please don't kill me (I read this book for experiment btw, I was just curios on what these fanfics are. I'm not kidding I swear (not sarcastic))
anaasantos_ anaasantos_ Mar 19, 2015
I haven't even gone through the whole chapter and I can tell its gonna be amazing
neurosed neurosed Aug 06, 2014
omg so i just started reading and i already like it so much and omg okay yeah better get to read the rest