Game of Life - Maria Hill (C.S.)

Game of Life - Maria Hill (C.S.)

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In which an insurance agent who is scared of the world and life itself is assigned to help Shield deal with the chaos left behind in the wake of supervillain attacks. 

Mia Daniels doesn't want anything to do with the spotlight. She's always been afraid of being seen, being noticed. She sticks to her job with an insurance company, lives an ordinary life, and avoids her friends' attempts to get her out into the world.  But when Mia is given a promotion, she also gets an unwanted assignment. To work with the agency Shield to manage the chaos caused when supervillains attack. 

Mia is frightened by the daunting assignment and slightly intimidated by the no-nonsense Shield agents, including deputy director Maria Hill. But the more she comes to know them, the more she likes them, especially Agent Hill. But as Shield is plunged into chaos, could Mia's newfound attachments drag her out of the shadows and into the spotlight, where she never wanted to be?

Mia has to conquer her fears and learn to live life to the fullest. But that's easier said than done.

(Post-Iron Man - Post-CATWS)
(Maria Hill x ofc)

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