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Stubborn Wolf

Stubborn Wolf

232K Reads 11.8K Votes 22 Part Story
Nacht Graves By NachtGraves Completed

What is Callum to do when he is reunited with his high school tormentor during a blind double date?

Callum has recently gotten used to the half-vampire-half-human life. But his social life leaves much to be desired according to his best friend. Being forced to tag along on a double date with said best friend and her girlfriend, Callum meets a certain wolf shifter he thought he'd never have to see again.

AshtonsFarts AshtonsFarts Nov 05, 2016
If that was me I would have quietly watched........... 
                              NO REGRATS (i fūcking spelled regrets wrong on purpose)
mrFudanshi mrFudanshi Apr 20, 2016
When I hear dweeb I always think that character with Orange hair.
adamm1221 adamm1221 Jul 26, 2016
I still laugh at this and I'm a re-reader 😂😂 love this book
angeleyesgrn angeleyesgrn Aug 17, 2016
Yeah,  no.  Apologizing....sexual assault. Not the same, dumba$s
animesnow animesnow Aug 02, 2016
Oh my god. I thought it was talking about Callum. I had no doubt in my mind then this. My heart stopped my brain paused and was just like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
girlsndgirls girlsndgirls Apr 12, 2016
why do boys think that it is okay to make fun of someone they like or pull their hair or something like didn't your parents teach you that is not how you express love to someone??