dan howell Imagines

dan howell Imagines

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im okay By nitmbo Updated Feb 15, 2017

hello this is @englishmoron [former username]


Hello Reader! I'm Lena and this is my book. As you can see it is currently discontinued and I've officially decided to no longer carry it on. I have many reasons for this but the biggest one is that I've grown out of my d&p phase (I still love and support them both) and mostly cringe whenever I get reminded of this book. My grammar and punctuation was awful and I have now entered the part of my life when I'm being swallowed alive by school work. I am keeping this book up however for two reasons:
1. I'm attached to wattpad. Although I never use my account and high key wanna delete it, I've had a lot of fun and sad memories on this website and this book was a big part of that.
2. This somehow has 150k reads and 3k votes.
By the way, thank you all for the reads and votes! I'm so grateful to see my younger selfs work paid off! I don't read lots of your comments (although sometimes the positive ones make me grin, thank you all for your kindness btw c:) because I'm well aware of my many errors and I get utterly embarrassed at others having to correct my old mistakes aha. This is getting very long. Bye to all of you and thank you for all the support and love I've had over the course of the making of this book. I love you all. - Lena 

\\ smuts \\ angst \\ fluff \\ no requests please \\ 

Discontinued and unedited.

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Mystery_Potato Mystery_Potato Jun 26, 2016
A friend tried to prank me like that when I was starting to make pancakes.  He came up behind me and jump scared me, I got so scared I spun around and hit him in the head with a frying pan. He fell on the floor, but he didn't get knocked out. No one has tried to scare me since.
moonIightmgc moonIightmgc Aug 04, 2015
                              Do I have a fancy British accent?