The GangLeader's Daughter

The GangLeader's Daughter

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Kristen Bryanna By kristen_bryanna Updated Aug 04, 2016

If you haven't already read my book The GangLeader then you need to read it first before you read this book. This is the second book of the GangLeader 


Dad lets out a sigh. "Anyways I want you to meet Ethan" 

I look at the man standing next to my father. Standing  at about 6'3 he easily
Towers over my 5'5 self. He has dark blue eyes and Dirty blonde hair cut short like you would see in the military. He was dressed in a black T-Shirt that hugged his biceps. And blue jeans with black combat boots.

I snap my eyes to my father 

"I said with things getting a little rough around here I would feel better if You had someone looking out for you, and since Ethan is next in charge -"

"I am fully capable of taking care of myself!"I yell

"Now Zoey this isn't up for discussion it's already been decided. Ethan will take you to school, pick you up from school, and take you anywhere else you need to go. You will not go anywhere out side of this house with out him is that understood?"

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WTH an iPhone 5 why just why they probably have up to 16 but she bought a 5 wow
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You know books are good when Barbara Palvin is on the cover 💖
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Because you used the word pair, converse doesn't need to be plural, as the word pair is plural.
ScarredNight ScarredNight Feb 26, 2016
Im reading this first hehe - I'll understand the characters somehow :3
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I literally... Like no joke.... Just spent ALL day reading the first book and may i just say 'thank you' and ' i love these books right now' i cant wait to read this one💗💗💗
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so you wanna play with mah d**k?! baby you should know what you're reaching for... 😘 😂 jfa