beaten for nothing

beaten for nothing

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cheatliciouse By cheatliciouse Updated Jul 01, 2014

life is funny when you try to get out of rough situations I tried but nothing neve worked say hidden from everything and everyone from the age of fifteen I was kicked out by my mum then I met my boyfriend  king who said he loved me but all he does is abuse me I stay in the apartment he got us 

king: babe 

me: in here

king: so what did you do today

me: stay in the house watch tv

Sam: sounds like a good day

he takes off his coat and shoes and gose upstairs I know you're thinking run but I have no where to go king  came downstairs in true religion jeans a white t shirt black and white Jordans and a black and white snap back that says thug on the front I smile

king: ill be back later

I nod

king: bye

me: king .... when can I

he looks at me

me: can I go outside

king: towmmro If you're good

I nod  he walks over and kisses my lips then walks out  I sit on the sofa and watch Jeremy Kyle

me: you are the father

TV |you are the father

me: told ya

its no 8:25 and I fall asleep on ...

KiKimora07 KiKimora07 Dec 06, 2015
Was this a flashback or something that happened before the first chapter?