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S. A. Cross By Hendrixx Updated Dec 18, 2014

“I could destroy you, I could hurt you, I can hate you until I'm one hundred years old, but that will never numb the love I have for you – or how you’re the only girl I’ll ever love.”

Ryder Conan has just escaped from prison after serving only 12 months of his 60-year sentence for murder. His first mission as a free man? Visit the girl who put him in prison in the first place, of course. 

Working as a professional hacker, Ryder Conan had it all. He worked hard to make a wonderful life for the girl he had sworn to always protect and serve, that is, until the day he murdered a man in cold blood, and the girl he had always treasured helped throw him in jail. His love for her has slowly turned into a burning hatred, especially since the little bitch hijacked the only thing that could prove he wasn’t a cold-blooded killer. He is out for her head, and there is nowhere Brye Bowers can hide when Ryder comes looking.

21SecondsOfMelanie 21SecondsOfMelanie Nov 16, 2016
Can you be like my tutor or something cause....yknow....i really need it
Summer-Tea Summer-Tea Jan 01
I don't get how he came up with this answer. Is there extra numbers, variables, and steps I missed?
I don't think I've ever seen an equation where the variable is in front of the number
__Luvette __Luvette May 08, 2016
Unlike him, I'd be counting how many limbs I'll be losing if I'm caught.
The answer to that would be 4.75x+10 because there is no negative numbers or subtraction and it couldn't be simplified any more because 10 cannot mix with variables
sharadboybiebs sharadboybiebs Feb 27, 2016
Good but Hackers aren't necessarily good at maths though. I'm a hacker and I suck at maths.