Repentance || BTS ||

Repentance || BTS ||

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🌸💮'Fate changed the meaning of life for both of them. Now after years when they are retracing their past identities, their paths overlap and it's not just a simple play of coincidences.'🌸💮

7 years and there have been multiple missing reports. Every story entertaining in a strangely familiar manner, young girls belonging to poverty-stricken families trying to pursue their dreams, yet they fail to point out any particular link.

But Kim knows it all, their names, their faces and their crimes because she herself escaped the reality of being the victim.

Time did hide memories in its folds but it failed to wash away the scars on her. 

She joins CPCI and then volunteers to apply for ZeTan to hunt for more evidence. But things start to fall apart, and someone's sneaky presence around isn't helping much.

FANFIC Element:

Big Hit's president was found dead in a car accident and later the shares of his company, as wished by him, was handed over to his cousin brother Chang-hoon. 

BigHit changed to ZeTan and so did the performers. BTS broke and the only ones, Jungkook and Jin,  who continued performing lost the link to their brothers.

Now after years Jin found someone who reckoned him enough to realise it was his older self that describes his true self. When he sets out to trace back his pals he comes across new vestiges of truth that connects more links for both of them. (Kim and Jin)

But the question is, can he trust her with his darkest secrets to solve the puzzle because she herself is a piece of the same puzzle.

And can she trust him enough to take away the veil of perfection as considered by him to reveal her own shame and secrets?
She doubts, will he continue to look at her the same way, unbiased when she put forth her set of reality.

Will she be able to turn the wrong right without ruining him completely.....?
          *             *                *            *             *

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