Not That Bad Ass

Not That Bad Ass

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Lia By Lia2903 Updated Oct 01, 2017

“You know I was thinking.” He starts. “You pretend to be mean and to be bad but you aren’t so why pretend.” He finishes. 

“What are you talking about I’m not pretending any thing.” I defend and he shakes his head. 

“Liar you’re a good girl pretending to be bad and you know it.” He says knowingly, how does he know my deepest darkest secret that I’ve never told anyone well maybe not my deepest darkest but its up there. 

“No I'm not.” I defend again, soon my body is smashed up against the lockers and he’s body is trapping me so firmly that I can’t wriggle out. “Prove it.” He whispers his lips hovering mine, his hot minty breath fanning my lips, his hand slowly travels down my waist and cups onto my but.

There’s no point saying anything or screaming because that’ll prove him right and he knows it therefore he has total control over me which I’m a bit scarred of. So I rise up to his challenge. 

I let my hand travel down his shirt and I smirk up at him I stand on my tippy toes slightly then I crash my lips against his he seems surprised at first but then soon reacts kissing me back roughly and hungry he bites my bottom lip then shoots his tongue through the gap deepening the kiss. While his tongue is in my mouth we fight for dominance where he eventually wins.

I let my hands travel down his shirt ready for my plan, I un button his pants and pull down his zipper I let my hands retreat up to his neck before I pull away. “What.” He asks panting confused as to why I pulled away I release my hands from his neck and point down at his pants. “What.” He says taking a small step back and looking down confused.

I quickly pull his pants down and run away before he can do any thing. “I’m going to kill you, I swear if it’s the last thing I do.”

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Inner__Demons__ Inner__Demons__ Jan 02, 2016
Omg I love this book and my first book was TERRIBLE but my second book which I'm writing now is SO much better cause now I've read more and I an so much better. :)
kaedeeee kaedeeee Dec 26, 2014
Does it make me weird that the first sentence reminds of, "I'm James, James Bond"?