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Eccentric By laughinggoat22 Updated Apr 20, 2016

"What's the matter?" I asked. "Cat got your tongue?"

He finally said, "You can see me?"

I rolled my eyes. "No, I can't see you. You are invisible."

He seemed to flinch at those words, but quickly recovered and asked, "You can hear me too?"


He is The Lord of the dead.
She is just a humble school girl.
Love is something you can never expect.
(#32 Fantasy 12/01/16)

Meadhbh_W Meadhbh_W Aug 31
Is that what we do now? Oh hai stalker, since I know your name we can go for dinner and be besties, this world 😔
My face drop when she said her mom was chubby  how mean u never ever call your mom fat or cubby unless u plan to stop breathing cause she chocking u to death  good luck to those who get away with I'm telling u she gonna sneak up on u😁😀😂😯😥😦😧😬😇👱👍
SpnSelena79 SpnSelena79 Apr 18
Yeah let's invite our stalker to dinner
                              That makes a lot of sense 😑
I like how no one's commenting on the fact that if no one but her can see him then her parents are going to think she is crazy
Araceli1414 Araceli1414 Apr 20
Idk why I thought this was adorable. Maybe because I'm thinking of Nico Diangelo.....
RanMikazuki RanMikazuki May 24
Dude! He just practically told you that he can't be heard or seen by people 😂