Roar - A Wardstone Short Story

Roar - A Wardstone Short Story

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(Michael Robb) M.R. Mathias By MRMathias Updated Aug 07, 2012


A Wardstone Short

Copyright 2012  by Michael Robb Mathias Jr.

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Loudin Drake's horse huffed and pawed at the side of the hard packed dirt road he was lingering beside. He was on the Wildermont side of the Leif Greyn River. It was almost Summer's Day and the festival grounds, two days to the north, were populating quickly. There were scores and scores of travelers coming through Wildermont's magnificent capital. People from Dakahn, Westland, and Valleya flooded Castlemont on their way to the annual competition and trade event. Loudin didn't mind. The roads outside of Castlemont were ripe with opportunity all summer long. He didn't have to try and find a mark, because there was a line of them slowly trundling past. He did have to keep an eye out for a certain Dakaneese Overlord that was undoubtedly going to be coming through to attend the festival, though.

"Debts unpaid, add up to naught but ...

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MRMathias MRMathias Feb 08, 2013
@thomasladomery I answered on your page so as not to leave such a major spoiler.
thomasladomery thomasladomery Feb 07, 2013
MRMathias. Please tell me how Phen used Ironspike? Did i miss something?
MRMathias MRMathias Aug 26, 2012
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