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OMG!!!!!! I'M PREGNANT,WITH THE ALPHAS KID!!!! (boyxboy) Mpreg (under major reconstruction)

OMG!!!!!! I'M PREGNANT,WITH THE ALPHAS KID!!!! (boyxboy) Mpreg (under major reconstruction)

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julia p or crazy jay (your choice) By perfect_angelz1 Updated Jun 13

Erin is a small, fragile and terribly shy. He can't be in a crowd without freaking out, everyday he has to face his tormentor jacob. On top of that he has to hell- I see home where he is beaten and tortured with only one friend Julia who does not know what goes on and his family is hiding something from him. Then this new guy named josh comes into town and takes a certain interest into Erin. But he hides something that will change Erin's life forever. while Erin's hiding big himself.

Omg i have to go a wedding to and i to go in a dress and it just ewwwwwwwww and noooooooo but i am wearing my black Converses with Joker on them cuz no way you are putting me in dress shoe or heels they can suck it 😝😛👺👹😈👿
jewelle87 jewelle87 Feb 21
Um idk what u ppl saying 'i love you' to but if its over the fact of some guy w/ a big cock who is about to rape you is not at all amusing in my opinion, and i think that you all are sick...early sign of being a biastophiliac
Rosekiss360 Rosekiss360 Sep 20, 2016
AHHH! Baby he's so precious *reads the rest of it* JACOB I WILL CUTT OFF YOUR "PYTHON" AND FEED IT TO ME SCIENCE TEACHERS PET SNAKE .............*realizes she has a friend named Jacob, shudders*
lol and FOR THAT reason alone is why I'm going to follow you so PLLLLEEEAAASE FOLLOW ME BACK!!!!
DaniellaMalcolm DaniellaMalcolm Jul 18, 2016
Hey! Don't get mad at Dr. McSteamy! They probably had to cut you out of your clothes when you went into the emergency room anyways. Be thankful he was nice enough to give you clothes!