The Alphas Young Mate

The Alphas Young Mate

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LeaaLovessPinkk By LeaaLovessPinkk Updated Sep 08, 2014

Taylor Launter plays dylan) Dylan is Alpha of the CollinWarPack. He is 6'4 with a muscular body, dark brown short hair and brown eyes with a breathe taing smile.

Dylan is the a 18 year old Alpha. His parents died when he was 16 so he had no choice to accept the role of Alpha so early. He likes to go party alot and have fun but he can still take care of his pack. All his life he wanted to find his mate, but after two years he gave up. Now he spends his time taking care of his pack and spending time out too. His girlfriend is Brittney (not his mate) who is tall with platnum blonde hair. He is soon going to make her luna for the good of his pack. But all that pauses when he finds "her",



Yay, it already has me squealing, lol, and it hasn't even started!😍❤🙈
- - Oct 10, 2015
Not all blondes are bitches, I have a blonde friend and she's not like that but then there's this bitch with red hair that I don't like.
- - Oct 10, 2015
Sometimes I can't believe Bella chose Edward over that hunk of hotness but whatevs
Veebes9_9 Veebes9_9 Dec 07, 2014
UUU your description caught my attention and of course Taylor Lautner was easy to picture as an alpha ;) hahaha
Snugglelover Snugglelover Oct 31, 2014
great story just get spell check capitalized each word when you start a sentence.
beautiful__warrior beautiful__warrior Oct 18, 2014
Dear werewolf lovers I just made my first book ppl I've told love it maybe u will to so check it out n stay sweet