Tired of life {Todobakudeku#

Tired of life {Todobakudeku#

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AkariMoonlight22 By AkariMoonlight22 Updated Aug 20

Izuku's mom becomes a drunk after his dad died, since then many boyfriends came in and out. Her current one likes to abuse Izuku till he's beat and bloody. UA is his only escape from that hellhole. But, waiting for him there's Katsuki Bakugo. Everyday Bakugo reminds him that he is worthless. Little does he know Bakugo likes him. And he's felt the same since they were young. Then there's Shoto Todoroki. He is always there at the right time, and says the right things. Izuku developed a crush on him since he began at U.A. Todoroki and Bakugo always argue because they both like Izuku, what will they do if he tries to commit suicide? Will they all finally come together?

⚠️ Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters! Or the artwork ⚠️

⚠️ Contains: Self-Harm, Abuse, Depression, and possible smut depending on how it goes ⚠️


  • bakugo
  • deku
  • depression
  • gayness
  • izuku
  • selfinjury
  • todobakudeku
  • todoroki
  • yandere