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And When He Is Here  // hayes grier

And When He Is Here // hayes grier

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alex_obrien By alex_obrien Completed

When I first met you I had no idea you'd be so important to me. But when I did meet you I wanted something. I didn't know what it was, maybe friendship, maybe more. But now, I could not be more thankful for you. I let you into my world then you became it.  You make me happy in many different ways. Everyone thinks of how beautiful you are, but behind that pretty face there's also a good personality and a heart of gold. If I could tell you how much you mean to me I would. It will take forever, but I don't mind.

frozen_pink_popsicle frozen_pink_popsicle Nov 04, 2016
Holy crap, that was my physical description exactly and my birthday is October 31st😳😳
trxyemendes trxyemendes Nov 09, 2016
**checks book title** 
                              I honestly thought IT was GOING to be A teenwolf fanfic FOR A sec
Really? because it seems like you've wrote some before they are pretty good.
bubblegumlarrie bubblegumlarrie Oct 31, 2016
Omg only if I were to read this a month ago, my birthday is a month away haha and I'm also turning 15
brooke_sh brooke_sh Dec 30, 2016
I'm guessing you're a teen wolf fan cause whittemore is Jacksons last name
GraceInTheRain GraceInTheRain Dec 18, 2016
This probably isnt the best time but, I can't help it....breaks*