The Gangster Assassin

The Gangster Assassin

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IamMsLeqendary11 By IamMsLeqendary11 Updated Jul 24

She wasn't destined to kill perhaps she vowed for it. 

She promise that she'll have the most unexpected revenge they will ever know.

She's a killer, a demon, a living description of death ! A bitch ! She's emotionless, she's cold and she's dangerous.

But then, she met a few friends, she slowly learned to become a normal person who smiles, who laugh and who love. 

She let her demon sleep, and made her angelic side awake ! 

She tried to forget revenge and now she is trying to remember how to love. 

And its all because of HIM 

 Ang taong nagturo sa kanya magmahal ..

Ang taong nagturo sa kanya masaktan ..

 Ang taong una niyang iniyakan

At ang taong magiging rason para bumalik siya sa dating siya na pilit na niyang kinalimutan 

She tried to be nice, but they hurt her. She tried to be perfect but she ended being broken and imperfect. 

They took everything from HER ...

And now SHE'LL took everything from THEM. 

Now, the ANGEL is dead and the DEMON is widely awake !! 

Watch out ! Because for her, EVERY BLOOD COUNTS !! 

Meet Max as she faces LOVE, LIES and FEARS !

Thank you sa paggawa ng cover Dongsae ayiiiee ang ganda!

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