The House || Z.M

The House || Z.M

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zxynfame By zxynfame Updated Jun 29, 2015

Have you ever seen a shadow out of the corner of your eye when you're laying in your bed?

How about when you're washing your hair? 

You try to keep your eyes open under water so the monster won't get you while their closed.

Luckily it goes away before you can see it, right? 

What happens when you stare it dead in the eye? 

Confirmation realization. 

He's coming for you now.

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typical parents, they dont fuçking understand that it's hard to socialize
literally the only arctic monkeys song ik & like LMAO DONT ATTACK ME
1-800-fml 1-800-fml Apr 22, 2016
A ba bye bish if I was her I'll be dipping my ass out of the house *fûck this shït I'm out *
I'm getting the American Horror Story: Murder House vibes and I love it😍😍
"Hello brother" Damon smirks and tilts his head to the side. 😞😍
MyBeautifulQueen_ MyBeautifulQueen_ Dec 26, 2014
Guys, I think I just got pregnant. AND IM A VIRGIN AND IM 13!!! (Oh the wonders what fan fiction can do to your reproduction system.)