4 Choices~ A Zianourry Love Story~ [COMPLETE!!!!]

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Paulamoon By Paulamoon Updated 3 years ago
It has been four years since One Direction was put together. Niall Horan was always the cutest and favorite of the band, but from one day to another Niall horan left One Direction without a word. Many rumors started to circulated the media, but not clear answer were received. Niall left the band broken heart and decides to move back to his hometown Mulligan, in Ireland. but What he didn't know was that he was carrying a memory that will never made Niall forget about the time he spend with the other members of One Direction. once he get to Ireland the blond  finds out that he is carrying a child in his womb, but what scares Niall the most is that any of the members of One Direction; Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik or Louis Tomlinson could be the other father of his baby girl. New challenges this new teen daddy will have to face, specially when the boys seek for Niall trying to find out the reason why he left them.
ok, that just. stung my heart in soooo many ways it's not even funny :''''( and listening to Jessie J- Personal the entire time just sets. the mood of the whole story. just put the song on replay read the story. sets the best mood for the story. sad, but good
This sounds so flapping interesting.......and confusing, but i like it and its a whole bunch of drama....i like it!