My New Best Friend

My New Best Friend

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Stephy_zinone By Stephy_zinone Updated Aug 14, 2015

Hey, this is my first story. Still getting used to Wattpad :) 

Sheryl has just moved to town and meets Krystel. They get really close and become great friends. Will their friendship turn into more though?
Enjoy :D

Attention: This is a book about two girls falling in love so if you can't stand such an outcome, don't read it. ;)

testfemale testfemale Jul 05, 2017
Don't rember read if it the first time but I put it in my best ever read so must be amazing
Harusumi Harusumi Jul 07, 2017 it bad when I first saw the name. I immediately thought of Krystal, Jessica's sister from f(x)? 😂😂
IDoitForTheLulz IDoitForTheLulz Oct 12, 2014
warning to everyone starting this story, it'll fck you in the ass so hard , that your brain is going to explode...
cutediablo cutediablo May 07, 2014
Hey..i like ur stories...wondering.....when will u update it again? Can't wait to read it :)
Blacktip Blacktip Feb 01, 2014
Hi I'm sorry for bothering you again, but it's been a while...are you going to update?
Blacktip Blacktip Jan 10, 2014
Hey! I'm like REALLY obsessed with your story!!! O.O....I may have a problem. Anyway! I just wanted to know if you were going to update anytime soon.... keep up the good work!