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The Jokers Daughter

The Jokers Daughter

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MonaeTalks By MonaeTalks Updated May 21

Everyone knows about my father the Joker, but no one seems to know about me, the jokers daughter, Casey.  Maybe it was because I looked nothing like him. He looked like a creepy clown and I look like an average person.  I'm not a villain. 

The joker is a lot of things but forgiving is not one of them. So what happens when he finds out that his daughter is working alongside is sworn enemy. Casey joins justice league and her life seems to be going great. 

But how long will it take for her life to come crashing down?

When I read that part I just scrolled up and said how many ppl suffers during this Chapter OH 3.45K WOW
ThatBabyQuinnDoh ThatBabyQuinnDoh Dec 04, 2016
It's amigos David is a boy and his Spanish words are masculine if David was a female it would be Amigas since he's a girl it would be feminine Yes I'm in studying Spanish when I could be studying Korean yes I know I will learn Korean and move to Korea #lifelongdream
dunschronicles dunschronicles May 08, 2016
I'M SCREECHING I CAN'T THIS IS PROBALY THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER READ. Oh yh just casually watching porn with my daughter to learn her what sex is... :')
macy2hip1529 macy2hip1529 Nov 25, 2016
I cant ever answer that correctly. Its like theres no right answer
-beck- -beck- Jan 13, 2016
Holy crap. I would've laughed my head off if that happened to me.
JinxedRomey JinxedRomey Sep 28, 2015
That gave me the worst image in my head.... Really nasty.... So what'll be the birds and bees at 17?!?!