The Obsessive Lover (On Hold)

The Obsessive Lover (On Hold)

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PiddlingProblem By PiddlingProblem Updated Jun 25

Kalia is pushed into a corner. 

Her savior? The man she's been running away from. 

He was stupidly wealthy, cunning yet calculative, possessive, controlling, and obsessed with Kalia Bennett. Nikolai Finn Citroen lost his light and had been hunting it down for months. He had means to attain her and would stop at nothing to get her. 

Kalia would have to submit for the sake of her seven month old unborn baby. Can she keep her distance from a past flame? 

                               • Chapter 4 - Page 5 •

"Geliefde. When you ran away . . . . . . after that episode, I spent over five hundred thousand dollars locating you. I confirmed you were not in Jamaica, nor any other surrounding island. I searched 31 states and have also confirmed your existence not being there."

"H-how?" I asked.

He took a slow sip from his drink before smiling deviously. Niko's eyes were darker from the shadows casted by his furrowed brows. The look caused my heart to beat faster. 

I was lowkey scared.

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