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WHEN LOLA WINDSOR'S goes missing, her closest friends and foes unconditionally mourns her but also breathe a sigh of relief.  

That's until all seven of them are all mailed an anonymous tape recorded with Lola's voice and labelled: A dead girl tells no tales.  According to Lola, there are six more tapes to find. Six more tales about Lola Windsor's far from graceful downfall. Six more clues to uncover where exactly Lola Windsor is. 

The rules where simple: Listen to the tapes and use them to find Lola. Eureka Fall's acclaimed elite weren't suppose to find themselves trapped in a twisted game full of impetus murders, cleverly embellished  lies and machiavellian albi's. 

They weren't suppose to have cryptic notes written addressed for them in every corner, they weren't suppose be tangled up in her little town's messy little past-- and they definitely weren't suppose to develop forbidden feelings for people who are all completely off limits,

But apparently things don't always go exactly to plan-- Just ask Lola Windsor.