His Human Mate

His Human Mate

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KirstyRea By KirstyRea Updated Jun 10

Millie is a normal girl, she's 19 and just moved away from her family. One day she decides to explore the forest behind her new house. She ends up getting lost and bumps into a werewolf, what she doesn't know is that she is the wolfs mate and he won't let her go.

Tyler is a wolf, he's been looking forward to meeting his mate form he was very little. He's 23 and Beta of the Sliver creek Moon pack. He can't wait to find his mate and when he does he doesn't plan to let her go. He also didn't plan for his mate to be human but that doesn't stop him from wanting her and wanting to love her. It just makes it harder and takes longer.


Please give my story a go, I wanted to make it different form all the other wolf stories so I made it the Beta instead of Alpha.

Also none of the photos in this story belong to me