Absinthe Moon

Absinthe Moon

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V.R. Christensen By VRChristensen Updated Jul 28, 2014

The remnants of Earth's inhabitants have gathered to seek safety after a post-apocalyptic blast has rendered the land uninhabitable. Two hundred years later, the walled city is bursting at the seams.

The Icarus Project, the reigning organization of the city, has a solution, but it's cloaked in mystery. What the people do know is that they must prove their worthiness for even the meagerest sustenance. For the truly deserving, however, the best life has to offer awaits them: pure water, untainted food, and a choice of sensual pleasures, all provided by the famous Absinthe Moon, a veritable complex of earthly delights. But the Absinthe Moon isn't open to everyone. Only those on the path to Elite status can enter these doors. It is every man's responsibility to prove that his cleverness and drive are an asset that the Project can use to its greatest benefit. But he must also be physically perfect in every way. Something that's quite difficult when the city's taint leaves indelible marks at every opportunity it can.

Robert Mayhew is one among many possessed of an ambition to achieve Elite status. The only thing holding him back? A physical anomaly, that, if it were known, would mean his certain destruction. With his flaw disguised, he means to take down the system and to expose its leaders as the murders they are.

Unstained by the city's taint and pollution, quixotically innocent Emaline Newell is a curiosity, a source of fascination, even, and Mayhew soon finds himself in a conundrum. As head curator of the Absinthe Moon, Mayhew has an obligation to acquire her. Such a find as she would make him a rich man, and would offer him a particular advantage when it came to making his own advancement toward Elite status.

But Emaline has other plans.

Will Emaline inspire Mayhew to become the man the hero and savior of New London and its oppressed citizens? Or will she only prove an impediment to his carefully laid plans?

  • dystopian
  • near-future
  • neo-victorian
  • newworldorder
  • postmodern
  • steampunk

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