"Florante and Larry and The Last Days of Summer"

"Florante and Larry and The Last Days of Summer"

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Dann Brixton By DannBritts Updated 3 days ago

Blurb: When Florante and Larry met one summer morning, they discovered friendship, love and the pain of losing someone. 


Florante loves books and poetry. 
Larry loves cats, warm hugs, smiles and photography. 
Florante is not afraid to die.
Larry is not afraid to live.
Florante struggles to express his emotions while Larry is not afraid to show it.
Everything changed one summer morning when Florante meets Larry. He slowly opens up and starts to see the world in the light. 

If you like "Call Me By Your Name" or "Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe" this story is for you!


📚 2nd place winner of the Invisible Awards 2019!

📚 Honorable Mention of the Teen Fiction Wars 2019!

Review From Readers and Writers: 

📚 'This book goes into my top three favorite books...it's pretty cool...funken charming...'

📚 'You have a lovely way of writing...beautifully detailed and descriptive...'

📚 'With books like yours, there will be more understanding...'

📚 'Your book is gold on Wattpad...'

📚 'Damn! Emotions changed like a hundred times...'

📚 'Well written...and different from what you usually find in Wattpad...'

📚 'This was intense...never knew you can be so dark...'

📚 'Please don't kill the two lovers...' 

📚 'I'm gonna hack you with a meat-cleaver...' 

🖎 Author's note: 

I'm here to write stories of the universe through the eyes of a young adult. 

This book is more than a work of fiction--it's an extension of my own reality.

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