All For A Daisy

All For A Daisy

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Natalie has never been in love. But on a fateful day, she finds a mysterious daisy in her locker. And it came with a letter from a guy admitting he was totally in love with her. Who could it be? But in the letter, her secret admirer gives her a riddle to another clue. If she ever wanted to know who he was, she'd have to play his game. With the help of Delilah and Jake, her best friends, this game will be a piece of cake. But is it actually possible that Natalie is falling in love for the first time with a guy she doesn't even know? And what happens when you find out the person you were falling so hard for, wasn't exactly who you expected?

(All For A Daisy is a story inspired by I'm Only Me When I'm With You by Taylor Swift. I know that song isn't about daisies but I thought it added a sweet little twist to it. This was for TaylorShaeee's Challenge when I was still on booksie.)

Author's note (July 2014): Please keep in mind this was written in 2008-2009 when I was 14, so it's super cliche and cheesy, but I respect my 14-year-old self for being brave enough to voice and finish a story like this. I look back on this story as my starting point, and my writing style has evolved immensely since then. But anyway, I hope you like it! Happy reading!

  • daisy
  • fate
  • heartbreak
  • letter
  • love
  • pain
Just_weird_girl Just_weird_girl Oct 28, 2014
its getting fishy I think it might be jake I might be wrong but oh well
Just_weird_girl Just_weird_girl Oct 28, 2014
omg just by reading this I fell in love everything ,the humor the way its written I love it
Peace_Peach Peace_Peach Nov 02, 2012
This is just amazing but I think the mystery guy is jake and he is just a goo actor
jcarrillo jcarrillo Sep 18, 2012
oh my!! this book was awesome in my opinion u NEED to write more books i loved it!!
SilentNiaAngel SilentNiaAngel Aug 20, 2012
Aww . sooo sweet, I'm glad I stumble on this book. it very inspiring and cute. My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks too. I love the book A;ready... Reading On =D I wonder Who is the mystery Guy?
dap_35star dap_35star Jul 08, 2012 nice keep it up!! and thanks for sharing your talent :D