this world will break your heart

this world will break your heart

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Ariel_ag By Ariel_ag Updated Sep 09

Just released from the EXCON implant program, Nerissa #ERROR struggles to fit into her modern world. 

Carrying inside her an experimental mechanical heart, she finds herself trapped in a system that locks the poor in a cycle of cheap drugs, phony empowerment speak, minimum wages, and toxic knock-off implants. Always striving for something authentic, the inhabitants of these government-sponsored facilities are continually promised a better life but it never comes. 

Nerissa tries... but she just can't accept that this is the rest of her life. She wants something more. Something real. 

And when a series of unfortunate circumstances force her to escape from her current living arrangements, she takes refuge with the Real Humans, a band of social mischiefs who focus on living simply and holding a mirror up to society.

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