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Holly Owen By buzzmama Completed

Las Vegas is far from paradise, in spite of what the brochures promise. It's a city where con artists make the rules and aspiring females often end up wearing sequins and dancing with a pole. Melody Holiday should know. She's a Vegas native with dreams of making it big in showbiz, just like her papa did back in the day, but she refuses to ride on his semi-famous coattails. Mel has performed for audiences since she could reach the keys of her piano, and all those gigs have taught her how to rub elbows. If she wants the freedom to do things her way, she has to be choosy about the elbows she rubs. 

One fabulous Friday, a handsome stranger with connections and killer kick boxing moves makes Mel an offer. She snags it, only to find out she's been had, in the form of a fifty year old debt that hasn't been paid. The boulevard takes an even weirder turn when Mel finds out the stranger has been stalking her. Yikes. As Mel learns more about the debt and her connection to it, and as her heart is dragged into the matter, she must face the music that there's no backing out. She has rubbed elbows with the very people who could take away her freedom for good. 

If you like your fiction shaken not stirred, with a slice of fantasy on the rim, NEON GIRL delivers the goods, offering readers a dose of drama, a dash of romance, and a heaping helping of Las Vegas schmaltz.


fangirlkaly8102 fangirlkaly8102 Mar 15, 2016
LOVE  the cast btw different since i dont think anyone would consider miley cyrus a good main character but it fits with the setting
fangirlkaly8102 fangirlkaly8102 Mar 15, 2016
Cant wait to read this especially since i live in Vegas myself
rootbeerbabe rootbeerbabe Feb 02, 2016
When you read a book only because Thomas Halbert is on the cover
sixhearts sixhearts Jun 19, 2016
Hey guys! I just published "Dear Bestfriend," please go check it out and share your thoughts with me. ❤
                              Xoxo, sixhearts
StoryofAshlyn StoryofAshlyn Dec 21, 2015
The blurb sounded quite promising. This looks like a fun, unique YA novel (something that seems to be getting harder and harder to find). Can't wait to see how the story progresses.
                              Also, congrats on the Watty!
saixvi saixvi Dec 18, 2015
Hey guys I am writing a story pls check it out I'm new here it would be great. It's romance.