My random Justin Bieber dream: A short story

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Kate By thekatesanders Completed
The dream I had last night that involed JB, guns and lots of violence.
turn this into a story it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow! u no if u made this into a story it would be epic!!! just an idea
im a hater. but this story was epic. but once you kill justin bieber on your front porch.....
I sorta have a request/suggestion 
                                    Make this the first chapter of an ausome ninja story
omg EPICNESS...this is so aWESOMe....lolz u better have another dream sequal! xD
If that really happened, half the whole nation would be looking for you so they can kill you(anti-biebers), sent you to jail(police), or worship you(fan-girls) for saving him.