Jaded Heart

Jaded Heart

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Nawaaz Mohamed By nawaaznzo Completed

First draft

Just how guarded is a heart that's jaded? It's pretty guarded. Imagine a heart that's locked inside an unbreakable safe. The only way in is with a unique key, the same key which is now being destroyed. Impossible right?

It was all simple for Jade, look out for Jade and only Jade. He loved being alone,  having control over his space. No presence was better than his solitude. That's until he met Robyn, the new girl on the block. Proving that impossible is just a word when it comes to love. 

Warning: If you looking for a love story that has a happy ever after, you've came to the wrong book. 

This book contains profanity, heated kissing scenes(not too heated) and certain mature themes.