Anything in Time ~an Akatsuki fanfiction~

Anything in Time ~an Akatsuki fanfiction~

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Hitomi Kin, an ordinary anime-loving-14-year-old boyish looking girl, Only watches the first episode of Naruto to the Akatsuki's death, and oddly replays the whole series again. She hates seeing her favorite group of S-ranked criminals die in the series and wants to change it...

Hitomi does have friends at school but rarely talks to them due to her socializing problems, she also tends to go into the 'emo' corner and prefers to be alone if possible. Most people are easily mistaking her for a guy.

Another thing is that Hitomi doesn't know much about herself either, but will soon discover a lot of things once she gets in the world of Naruto...

Will Hitomi save the Akatsuki's from their Deaths?! Or will she have to live on with the cruel fate that has befallen on the Akatsuki?! Read to find out~!



Oh and this is my first (and maybe last) Naruto Fanfiction, I'm no good when it comes to fanfictions, I hate getting Ooc =.= but that depends on the future~

i was also inspired to do this because of the song Kagerou Days by Miku Hatsune.

the cover of Anything in Time wasn't drawn by me btw (I got the awesome pic from Google)
Again, may have some

All pictures and the video are not mine, they are made by very incredible people.

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