Sex Island

Sex Island

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Boo_Face By IWantToBePurple Updated 5 days ago

Who would have thought a deal to protect them could actually form a weird, sexy, threesome relationship? Definitly not Kaden and Ally. When they both experince a weird plane crash and end up on an island in the middle of Pacific Ocean....they are scared for their life. 


Then they meet Sam. 


"You see," Sam said, inspecting his fingernails, "you two strike an interest in me." He smiled at them with perfect white teeth. "Listen, it's not everyday that two people who know each other show up on this island. You will be a target, but I will make you two a deal, if you do whatever I say, I can protect you from everything. And any of your friends that might show up in later months."

Ally thought for a moment and blushed red. "You mean...sexually..?" asked Ally, shifting uncomfortably. Sam smiled. 

"Exactly, sweetheart." 

Kaden and Ally connected gazes. They couldn't risk saying no, but what would happen if they said yes.

Soon enough, the pros outweighed the cons. "We agree."

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