ghosts (C.GRIMES)

ghosts (C.GRIMES)

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(Started April 14th, 2019)
"Why do you stick with that asshole?" 

"That asshole is kind of my father." 

"Well your father is an asshole."
in which he falls in love with the daughter of his enemy.

Devon is the daughter of Negan, the bastard child that no one ever speaks about. She's tough and cold and mean- a real piece of work. But being mean doesn't always get you far in this world. Armed with nothing but an empty gun and plenty of sarcasm, Devon finds herself locked up in Alexandria like a cold, dirty prisoner. It wouldn't be so bad if the blue eyes of a boy who was practically dead on the inside didn't practically follow her everywhere. Maybe if things were different, she could have fallen in love with the boy behind those eyes. Maybe if things were different she wouldn't feel like such a failure, a monster. And maybe if things were different she wouldn't have kissed him beneath a tree.

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