The Words You Never Said - Jenlisa

The Words You Never Said - Jenlisa

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oli ☆ By AestheticMina Updated Feb 07

jennie and lisa have been best friends for years. and for as long as she could remember, jennie thought that she knew everything about lisa.

however, one day, when lisa leaves, jennie finds out that everything that she had been so confident in to be the truth, was an illusion. a lie that she had been telling herself. 

she realises how wrong she had been about lisa, about their friendship, and about their feelings. but it's too late. lisa's gone and jennie doesn't know what to do or how to make things right. 

the more she wants to hold onto lisa, the more the girl seems to be slipping from in between her fingertips. 

and while she thinks she can find lisa again, life seems to have other plans. 

will jennie be able to tell lisa that she finally knew the unspoken feelings? that she knew what was in lisa's heart? 

but more importantly, will jennie be able to tell lisa the words she never said?