Arteya Academy: The lost magic princess

Arteya Academy: The lost magic princess

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Arteya Academy: the lost magic princess

Arteya Academy: an academy or  a school for extra ordinary people. A school for a student who possess with powers or hold a piece of god's will. A place where their abilities can enhance and control.

Winter Rain Kagiyoshi Clarkfold an extra ordinary girl who hold the four most powerful powers.She just lived in a normal place(mortal world) where mages are not real. But until one day she knew something about her father, meeting her tita Olivia and her mother decide to transfer her in Arteya Academy. She let herself to go with her tita Olivia in academy to let her powers more controllable than before but as she's here in this place no one could know her real powers and for being a clarkfold.  

As  she let her hide her powers as others are more getting curious and find her more mysterious.

Date first  published/posted: June 27 2014 (prologue and chapter 1 only)
Date started (again): July 24 2015
Date Ended:

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iheart___18 iheart___18 Oct 23, 2015
ang hirap basahin naka short cut yung mga word eh pero nababasa ko parin naman yun nga lang mahirap.... pero like ko ^_^