The Bad Boy & The Street Racer {Completed}

The Bad Boy & The Street Racer {Completed}

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Alison Jones is a funny, sarcastic, nerd who wears baggy clothes, sneakers and glasses which makes her look like a nerd. 

She doesn't really need those clothes, shoes, and glasses. Its just an act. People bully her in school. They are the popular, jocks, the queen bee and her barbie doll friends. 

She gets straight A's and has 2 friends. They don't know that nerdy Alison is the best street racer, Bridget. 

Her parents abuse her, and she has a brother named Dylan who is kept hidden from his parents. One day a teacher assigned partners for an English project. 

Guess who is her partner. The one and only Zach King. 

Zach King is the bad boy of the school. Him and his friends terrify the school. He doesn't even know how he ended up dating Tiffany Martinez. 

Zach is a gang leader. His friends are part of his gang. Hes partnered with  the schools nerd for and English project.

When the bad boy and the schools nerd are partners for the project, what will happen?

Will he find out that Alison is a street racer?

Will Alison found out hes a gang leader?

And what secrets are hidden from Alison and why doesn't she know anything from her past. 

Find out in The Bad Boy & The Street Racer.


This is my first book and I hope you enjoy it!

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Highest Ranking #30 in Teen Fiction

Involves swearing and cursing. Pictures and videos DON'T belong to me. 

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You should never go right out and introduce your character like that but through events in the story and build up your character and their personality not trying to be rude or anything tho
                              Bish it's nice to meet ya, names Reaper.
My secret is.... I race cars😂 who am I kidding everyone I know knows about it😂
Damn I actually have a friend who was dropped on pavement as a baby and her skull cracked open… and she barely has a scar and is 100% THE NICEST person you'll ever meet.
Why can't I have a nice name like Alison Jones, my name and my brothers, w the exception of one, are the most generic things in the world. Including our last name, it's a common baby product brand  among other things:Johnson. Wwhhyyyyyyy
Love_Is_New Love_Is_New Aug 17
i hope im not the only who thinks Zack King should play Zack king