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The Bad Boy & The Street Racer {Completed}

The Bad Boy & The Street Racer {Completed}

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Ectopicsiren7 By Ectopicsiren7 Updated Jul 22, 2015

{Original Version}

*Completed and Unedited*

Alison Jones is a funny, sarcastic, nerd who wears baggy clothes, sneakers and glasses which makes her look like a nerd. 

She doesn't really need those clothes, shoes, and glasses. Its just an act. People bully her in school. They are the popular, jocks, the queen bee and her barbie doll friends. 

She gets straight A's and has 2 friends. They don't know that nerdy Alison is the best street racer, Bridget. 

Her parents abuse her, and she has a brother named Dylan who is kept hidden from his parents. One day a teacher assigned partners for an English project. 

Guess who is her partner. The one and only Zach King. 

Zach King is the bad boy of the school. Him and his friends terrify the school. He doesn't even know how he ended up dating Tiffany Martinez. 

Zach is a gang leader. His friends are part of his gang. Hes partnered with  the schools nerd for and English project.

When the bad boy and the schools nerd are partners for the project, what will happen?

Will he find out that Alison is a street racer?

Will Alison found out hes a gang leader?

And what secrets are hidden from Alison and why doesn't she know anything from her past. 

Find out in The Bad Boy & The Street Racer.


This is my first book and I hope you enjoy it!

Copyright © 2014

All rights reserved.

Highest Ranking #30 in Teen Fiction

Involves swearing and cursing. Pictures and videos DON'T belong to me. 

Editor: @derpytoaster

oreo_queen__ oreo_queen__ Oct 17, 2016
U know? When u actually wrote '(not in a perveted way)' my thought came to that.
MadHatterKnowsItALL MadHatterKnowsItALL Oct 30, 2016
That's what you say but we all know the truth 😏😏🤗🤗
DDCTamisha DDCTamisha Oct 30, 2016
That kinda confused me. Does he get hurt and or something, did they start dating and break up? I don't know.
Mommaearth Mommaearth Nov 25, 2016
My secret is...
                              I am addicted to wattpad😓😳😢
DDCTamisha DDCTamisha Oct 30, 2016
Alright.. alright. It's not perverted y'all  everything's good.
Mommaearth Mommaearth Nov 25, 2016
She had to right not in a perverted way cause we are wattpadians with no shame and our minds drift of to pervert land (right next to neverland were i know a guy who knows a gal who knows peter whe supplies me with chocolate marijuana and rainbow weed) cause thats just who we are 😇