The Masked Shinobi. [Itachi Uchiha]

The Masked Shinobi. [Itachi Uchiha]

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n é r i a By ElusiveShadow Updated Sep 17, 2017

At the age of six, Zesha Iyokono found herself abandoned by her parents and abducted by a so-called "nobleman". 

At the age of 20, she finally finds freedom and returns to her parental home, planning to take her revenge on her kidnapper and her parents. Living under the name of "Iyo", hidden under a mask and cloak, she joins the Akatsuki, convinced that they can help her get the revenge she want, and helping them out with their plans in return. 

Ever since she got into the organisation, she managed to keep drawing Itachi's attention. Not knowing whether Iyo's a male or female, he makes it his personal mission to find out who Iyo really is. 

What happens once he finds out who the real Iyo is?

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