Nightmare (Prinxiety Superhero AU)

Nightmare (Prinxiety Superhero AU)

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Shortly after World War II, something happened to the human race-something extraordinary. After so much death, humans grew to evolve. Some became stronger, others faster. However, many developed more dramatic abilities-superpowers, to put it simply.

Some "Paragons," as they deemed themselves, could fly; others could read minds.

And some of them got completely fucked in the power department.

Not everyone evolved to possess these skills.  These people-muggles, cripples, "voids"-were viewed as lower; to Paragons, they were useless, worthless wastes of space.

Anyone weak was like a bug to them; well, most of them.

As anyone would expect, when a good portion of the world becomes powered, some of them are bound to have a superhero complex.