Bite Me.  [ManxBoy]

Bite Me. [ManxBoy]

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Beth By BethWorthington Completed

Book two. (DadxBestfriend)  Nate is one of Carsons closest friends, dopy, idiotic and funny are but three words to describe the nineteen year old. After supporting Carson through his forbidden relationship with his old teacher he has now got his own issues which he may need some support on. Nate has fallen for Mitch Mays who just so happens to be his chums father.  After a heated kiss in the past Nate is wanting more from the relationship but will Mitch feel the same or put the one thing he loves more, in the way?... his company.

@callme_may I know what you mean. This wasn’t the first book, but I fall in love with it. I also for got the name of the book and had to go though all my books to find it and I have a lot of book.
BethWorthington BethWorthington Mar 10, 2016
@callme_may Aw yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it and continue to do so. Also quite honoured to convert you (;
bringmyfallingbrides bringmyfallingbrides May 23, 2016
What's the first book? And do you have to read it to read this one?
jhuehdo jhuehdo May 27, 2016
Woah!  Bradley Cooper totally fits Mitch!! In my eyes at least! ❤️
imperfectrejects imperfectrejects Jan 07, 2016
Am I missing something? Is it supposed to just say 'woo-cha'?
luv2read3 luv2read3 Jun 23, 2013
Are u going to cont writing this story. I hope so. I loved Nate. Hope u finish cuz would love too ref more bout him n Mitch. Also hope my c& are in two