Really, I Didn't Know (OHSHC)

Really, I Didn't Know (OHSHC)

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let us learn to love By namchims Updated Aug 26, 2015

My life is an endless cycle, the same boring schedule forced upon me with a slap on the back. But, then I was accepted into Ouran. 

Ouran, school for the gifted, for the smart, for the talented; it's all the same.

"Accepted for what?" You may ask. Well, I'll give you a hint: it's musical, stringed, has a bow, and I basically eat, sleep, and breath it. Yes, it's a cello. 

Except, I never really wanted to play cello. I didn't want to run into the host club. I didn't want to end up in a relationship with the one person I hate, but that's what happens when you're me. 

Please note that this book is in no way close to the OHSHC story line, but my own rendition of it. I like for my books to have completely different way of being written and executed, so it's always a surprise when something happens. 
I do not own Ouran High School Host Club or it's characters, just my own. 

This BEAUTIFUL cover was made by the AWESOME @ForeverHis777. 

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HeavensLostProperty1 HeavensLostProperty1 Mar 29, 2016
Naruto? My new fav book in my list(which is a VERY long list.....okay maybe alittle bit longer)
Notice how he didn't say 'for you.' Clever little detail to show what he's like, kudos to you
spiritmoon2002 spiritmoon2002 Sep 12, 2016
Yass I personally play the Violin but my best friend plays the cello
100cookies 100cookies Sep 19, 2016
The first thing I thought coming out of that was,"Haha! That kinda rhymed!"
I play the cello and I can definitely say that this is 100% true
scenequeen0410 scenequeen0410 Dec 01, 2015
MY INSTRUMENT! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD! This paragraph basically describes me