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tequilasunrise97 By tequilasunrise97 Completed

When Siddarth met Gauri, for him it was love at first sight. It took him  awhile to gain Gauri's  trust enough to give him one chance. He made a promise to her knowing he would not hurt her given her insecurities and low self-esteem, but unfortunately circumstances forced him to hurt the person he loved the most in the world. When they meet again Gauri is more determined to stay away from him and she hides secrets, but Siddarth wants nothing more than for her to be in his life even if it is only as a friend.
It had taken Gauri a while to warm up to Siddarth. She had done all she could to stay away from him but Destiny brought them together and she ended up falling for him even though she felt he was out of reach for her. Then Siddarth broke her heart and a tragedy in her life forced her to withdraw from everyone except for her beloved brother and her best friend. 
Now they meet again, will this two people who love each other beyond reason find a way to be together? Will Siddarth succeed in gaining Gauri's trust and give her the love and security she has craved for her whole life?

Dark_knight_love Dark_knight_love Mar 24, 2016
I'm just writing this just to let you know that I found your novel today on wattpad.. It's very nice to see Indian flavored novel. So beginning here... Thank you
ozthewild ozthewild Sep 13, 2015
I love that strong familial ties are established from the start. Too many stories add in family relations as a tertiary elements and at times almost an afterthought. It's refreshing to see that's not the case here.
tequilasunrise97 tequilasunrise97 Sep 18, 2014
@EtherealIce thanks so much for reading and the feed back. I will definitely start editing this.
Neil21785 Neil21785 Aug 24, 2014
Chapter 1:  Interesting start and love the fact that you used a bit of your own surroundings.  um.. gauri is a nurse,  does that mean siddharth is jeeju :p? I like the mystery;)
tequilasunrise97 tequilasunrise97 Aug 12, 2014
@angelofadarksoul3340 Thank you so much.  I was worried may be I had too much going on at the same time but each character is necessary for the story.
angelofadarksoul3340 angelofadarksoul3340 Aug 12, 2014
I am so sorry, I was going to comment a week ago but my internet went down last week then I was busy getting ready for school.  Anyways, you have a great writing style. I like how you put the thoughts of all the characters and was able to develop all od the characters around the same time. Great Job