Laughing Jack x Reader

Laughing Jack x Reader

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OrangeSkullKitten By OrangeSkullKitten Updated Oct 12, 2016

"(Name)!!!!!!" your mother's voice called from downstairs, dragging you from your deep slumber. You groaned and rolled out of bed knowing very well that you were late again.

'Ugh...... Why does the world hate me?' you thought as you walked over to your dresser and pulled out some random clothes. Looking down you saw that you pulled out a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans. Swiftly, you changed out of your sleep shirt (an over-sized t-shirt) and shorts before brushing your (hair color) hair out and tying it back in a ponytail.

Almost falling down the stairs, you drowsily made your way into the kitchen where your mother was serving up breakfast and your nine-year-old brother, Remington, was writing in his journal.

"Good morning, (Name). You'll be late for counseling again if you don't hurry," your mother told you.

"Good morning, Mom......" you yawned.

"(Name), why do you go to counseling?" your little brother asked.

"I..... Remi, I have anger issues........ But so do you........ I d...

AshleyV3402 AshleyV3402 Jan 06
I wear ponytails everyday if I have my hair down I feel weird >.<
TheFandomTeam TheFandomTeam Jun 24, 2016
That's what I'm wearing rn, a black shirt and some jeans. Ye  👍😎👍
OMG REMINGTON IS MY LITTLE CUZ'S NAME oh no I hope he doesn't die
XxEdgyCinnamonRollxX XxEdgyCinnamonRollxX Nov 21, 2016 it bad that I think of Remington from Palaye Royal when I read this?
XAmiTheAlienX XAmiTheAlienX May 11, 2016
I actually do. . . My mom makes me cut my nails every week since i tend to stab presume with them when i get angry which is REALTY often . .  .
IsabellaTheDetective IsabellaTheDetective Jan 19, 2016
It was good, could use just a bit of tweaking and maybe a few more details  :) 
                              Wait.... have I commented already..... 😨