An Agent of Chaos (BBC Sherlock Fan Fiction)

An Agent of Chaos (BBC Sherlock Fan Fiction)

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Her world is anything but normal. Her life may seem put together, but nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. But what does Raine Whitmore, an unemployed American, have in common with the country of England?

She knows the ghost, the ghost that's ready to make a comeback. Who is this ghost, you ask?

You'll have to read to find out.

InsertBadPunHere InsertBadPunHere Nov 14, 2016
Im guessing that Dean is actually Sherlock and this is just him undercover.
Poison_lyra Poison_lyra Nov 01, 2016
This is basically crime  ಠ-ಠ Dean and blue eyes.. *shudder*
MadKittyMogar MadKittyMogar Nov 30, 2016
                              FAUQ DAT
_v-a-l-e-r-i-e_02 _v-a-l-e-r-i-e_02 Nov 16, 2016
*flips table and starts speaking in spanish as my brother watches*
MoriartyLives_ MoriartyLives_ Jul 03, 2016
Holy crap, for a second i seriously thought i clicked the wrong book in my library
puppybunnysquid puppybunnysquid Oct 15, 2016
Lets see if this lives up to my expectations. I don't comment often just a warning. And I'm like Sherlock in the emotional ways and a little in the sass and personality