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Zianourry One Shots

Zianourry One Shots

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MLH1993 By MLH1993 Updated Apr 04

One shots all about Zianourry..
Requests are Closed till I can finished the request i have :) 
You might have to follow me to see some of the stories :)
VOTE VOTE VOTE and Comment please :)

somo-fan102 somo-fan102 Apr 01, 2016
                              Innocent zayn and dominate harry liam zayn and nial
                              Hybrid innocence
                              Mostly smut
xJamMonsterx xJamMonsterx Mar 06, 2016
1.Not famous
                              2. Roommates
                              3.Mostly Niam
                              4.Niam Centric
                              5.The boys get drunk.
purplequuen27 purplequuen27 Jun 11, 2016
1. zianourry 
                              2. Romance 💕💕
                              3. Either 
                              4. 1st person (Niall's )
                              5. Niall centruc PLZ!!
                              6. Long 
                              7. Idk *shrugs*
Crazii_Random Crazii_Random Aug 15, 2015
1: Zianourry
                              2: Romance
                              3: Famous
                              4: 3rd
                              5: Zayn
                              6: Long
                              7: Zayn is the youngest (AU kinda) and the boys look after him and he gets lost and the boys have to find him. 
                              8: Fluffy Smut please!
                              Thank you if you do this really!
Sterek_Lashton Sterek_Lashton Aug 02, 2015
1- Zianourry
                              2- Romance
                              3- Not Famous
                              4- 1st P.O.V (Niall's)
                              5- Niall Centric
                              6- Long
                              7- Niall wants to get back at his mates for not letting him have an orgasm so when the boys and him go to a club he makes them jealous by grinding on another male. The boys do get very jealous.
                              8- Werewolf, Smut
FantasticTehya FantasticTehya Jun 25, 2015
                              5.Harry centric
                              7.Harry's been hiding that he's a cat hybrid from his 4 older boyfriends but one day they find out and he runs before they can say a word cause he thinks they hate him when in actuality that just makes them love him even more.