unOrdinary | Cyffredin

unOrdinary | Cyffredin

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Zedianx By Zedianx Updated 4 days ago

After expelled from New Bostin, what if John changed his personoa differently from his experiences compared to canon? 
The story begins after he was accepted to Wellston. However, he starts as a first year student, starting from scratch. How will this play out for John? Will he truly change for the better? Or...  will he repeat history once again?

NᎾᎢᏆᏟᎬ: NONE of the characters nor the concept of the story or the art used belong to me; this is a fanfiction based on the Webtoon story Unordinary from Line Webtoon. Go check out the story and the author of UnOrdinary, Uru-Chan.

[Release Time of Prologue: April 11, 2019]
《Every New update comes out in a day or so, usually around 12:00 am eastern time or so.》

《Warning: throughout this story, I will tease you with concepts that many love or detest. Usually, the loved concepts stay and the detested may leave. Just keep that in mind when reading》

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